This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.
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Where do I sign up?

The Android and iOS apps are available in Google Play and iTunes App store

I'm sensitive to lactose, what should I do?

You can mark all foods you don't eat as restricted and they won't be part of the meal plans generated an won't be displayed as food substitution options

This is all great, but I want an app for working out

There is an abundance of apps to help you work out, this is not one of them

I want the app translated to my language

Send us a message about it and get your friends to message us as well and it might become a priority of ours and happen sooner than you think

Is 200gr of something cooked/boiled or raw?

In cases where it is not clearly stated the amounts talk about cooked/boiled food

I want a more diverse weekly meal plan

Coming soon!

I want a Chrome/web/Windows version

Patience my friend